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How to Save Energy on Air Conditioners

There are still very few people who know how to use the correct AC. The vast majority of people still wrong using the AC that caused the cost of electricity. Worse, it also resulted in the AC quickly broken. In this article, one of the ways to use the AC to be efficient and durable will be discussed. For more tips on how to save energy on the air conditioner, you can go to http://www.electricsaver1200.com/air-conditioner-energy-saver.

– Do not Set Your AC Remote Temperature Below 22-celsius degree

This is the number one mistake most people who are not familiar with the workings of AC. Most users set the temperature on the remote of the air conditioner at 16 to quickly cool but this is wrong. If you set the temperature at 22, the remote air conditioning compressor AC will work to make the room temperature is on the AC 22. At the moment, it detects that the room temperature is at 22 and then the AC compressor will stop working so the wind out of the AC would like the wind from the fan.

The problem is, if you set the remote temperature at 16 (minimum temperature), the AC compressor will continue to work so that the room temperature is in 16. Problems arise because we are in Indonesia where the room temperature is almost impossible to be on 16-celsius degree.

Here is the result of the room temperature may not reach 16:

The AC Compressor continuously working to reach a temperature of 16 who could not be reached. The compressor never breaks and continues to work 100% so this will shorten the life of the compressor.

The AC inverter compressor continues to work that resulted in almost no savings compared to a regular AC. Under normal conditions, the AC inverter will work very fast and hard to cool the room before work to a minimum. Because the compressor continuously working hard then maybe the cost of AC power inverter instead become more expensive.
So, you can see that by setting the remote temperature minimum 22 then you have done your savings and air conditioning are also more durable.