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Understanding the Human-Elephant Relationship

Historically, humans have long lived with the elephants. In the paintings in the caves of Europe and North Africa, elephant depicted as prey for pre-agricultural societies. In general, since the past including the prehistoric period, the elephants are animals that are used as beasts of burden, the object of veneration, a pest to agriculture, as a symbol and exploited for consumption and ivory. Thus, as a lot of humans have realised that such treatments to elephants are definitely unfair, they have started building sanctuaries to protect the elephants. For examples of sanctuaries, you can take a lot at some of the sanctuaries in Thailand on elephantsanctuarythailand.com.

It has been stated that we need to look at human-elephant conflict in other ways, for example in developing mitigation strategies conflicts without barriers for elephants such as unnecessary use of electric fencing or use as few as possible of these tools mainly to limit settlement or trench elephants. Additionally, the next strategy is that coexistence is built by pushing or management arrangements in humans of looking at the human-elephant conflict. In a multi-species approach, the creation of a room or corridor for elephants, especially the development of interaction and tolerance of human-elephant and governance is a better approach.