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The Use of Shaving Cream

On The Guys Shaving Club, we give some Best Straight Razor reviews for you. Many men prefer to shave without wetting the men’s shaver in advance. Shave your face with dry conditions can indeed save time, but can make your own skin irritation and redness, even a few hours after shaving. So before shaving, take a few minutes to wash your face to soften the hairs so as not to cause irritation. Usually to further facilitate the use of shaving cream shaving is available which can clean the bristles with better and does not cause itching.

When applying shaving cream before using the shaver men whatever you choose, you should use a brush to apply the cream to the face to be shaved. Using a brush to apply the cream will help enforce the feathers of the face, so that could be shaved as smooth as possible. If you already use a shaving cream is still considered too rough for you, can be replaced by using a moisturiser. This usually applies to those who have skin tends to be sensitive.