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How to Wash Carpet Carefully

For those of you who have a carpet at home, it is important for you to wash the carpet carefully. Otherwise, you will end up ruining and damaging your carpet instead of getting them cleaned. Thus, you have to know how to wash the carpet properly and carefully as such a way reduces carpet ware. You also should know the wrong way to clean the carpet.

To know that, you have to check the care label instructions on shag carpet and rugs before you put it in the washing machine. How to wash carpets, rugs depends on the strength of knitted and material. Most rugs should not even be washed. Tapestry weaving and weaving is usually pretty tough so it can be washed wear washer. Nonetheless, you should provide adequate protection for both types of tapestries, one way is to wrap it with a cotton pillowcase or bag so that the rug is not in direct contact with the tube washing machine and minimize the risk of damage. In addition to these two types, mostly rugs and carpets are too sensitive so it is not suitable to wear a washing machine washed.